Wharton GIS Lab


Wharton Impact Conference - The Expanding Role of GIS in Business and Government
August 21, 2002


  • To bring together academic, business, and government leaders to help inform the future relationship between GIS and business.
  • To explore how The Wharton School, as a leading school of business, can contribute to expanding role of GIS technology in business.
  • To shape the research agenda on the relationship between business and government in building the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Welcome Address
Professor Patrick Harker, Dean of The Wharton School
Susan M. Wachter, Professor of Real Estate and Finance, The Wharton School

Keynote Address
Jack Dangermond,
President of ESRI, Inc. Presentation

Panel: The Role of GIS in Business and Government
Moderator: Eric Orts, The Wharton School
Hal Reid, Allied Domencq: ADQSR Systems for Site Selection and Development Management
Bill Wally, WNW Consulting: GIS in the Petroleum Industry
Jerry Thompson, Credit Union of Texas: GIS/BI Use in the Financial Industry: "Leveraging Technology"
Warner Phelps, Syngenta: The Uses of GIS at Syngenta
Alan Stevens, US FGDC: The Power of Place to Support Decision Making

Panel: GIS Linkages for Homeland Security
Moderator: Dr. Harvey Rubin, Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response: GIS and Homeland Defense
Michael Kearns, Professor of Computer Science
Robert Marx, US Bureau of Census: MAF/TIGER Accuracy Improvement Project (MTAIP)
Bruce Cahan, Urban Logic: Strategic Investing in Spatial Data for Homeland Security

Lunch Speaker
Barbara Ryan,
USGS, Department of Interior
Building the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Panel: Business and Government GIS Linkages for Homeland Security

Panel: Spatial Data Infrastructure for Economic and Community Development
Moderator: Felix Oberholzer-Gee, The Wharton School
Andrew Reamer, Andrew Reamer & Associates: The Community Statistics Systems Network
Cynthia Taeuber, US Census Bureau: Developing Community Information Systems
Joseph Ferreira, MIT: Spatial Data Infrastructure for Economic and Community Development
Tom Kingsley, Urban Institute: Using Information for Community Change

Going Forward: Shaping the Research and Policy Agenda