Wharton GIS Lab and Operational Research Initiative (GIS-OR)

Geographic information systems (GIS) meets operations research (OR) for purposes of science and applications.


Now available online at Social Sciences Research Network:

Service District Optimization: Usage of Facility Location Methods and Geographic Information Systems to Analyze and Optimize Urban Food Retail Distribution


Holger Johann, Margeret Hall, Steven O. Kimbrough, Nicholas Quintus and Christof Weinhardt

  • Build and maintain repositories of rich, comprehensive mashups of geographic data pertaining to regions of identied interest.
  • Use these repositories to address real-world problems, both in science and in applications, emphasizing innovative uses of optimization methods.
  • Make public the work products of the project the repositories, optimization software, etc. under open source licensing.
Categories of Use for Analysis and Design
  • Location analysis and optimization
    How best to locate particular entities such as schools, shops, and other service points.
  • Routing/scheduling analysis and optimization
    How best to schedule the movement of entities such as a fleet of trucks in order to meet service goals and minimize costs.
  • Zone design and analysis
    How best to define areal regions such as sales or service districts, or voting district in order to meet design goals, such as minimizing costs subject to service policy constraints.