The Wharton Geospatial Initiative

The Wharton Geospatial Initiative conducts research in spatial economy, at the intersection of real estate, risk and geodemography. Our work probes economic competitiveness, real estate trends and risk exposure, as well the demographic conditions attached to changes in these areas. We are a center for research and learning in the applications of spatial knowledge. Our focus is on the study and research of geographic information systems applications to aid in decision making for businesses and communities.

Focus Areas

Real Estate

We conduct research into credit risk, mortgage finance, market reforms, and the link between these areas along with the influence that these areas exert on communities and neighborhoods.


In collaboration with the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processing Center, we are conducting an investigation of mortgage risk in the face of changing climatic conditions.


Current studies explore the relationship between socio-economic conditions, messaging and space in order to understand elections in America, along with the promise of opportunity zones for strengthening communities.